Silver Island (Argyronissos), Greece

This was one of the most special discoveries ever. I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an article saying “these are the best places for yoga in the world” and I thought, “if there is one in Europe, I will go”. I opened the article and there was one, Silver Island, in Greece. Visiting the website was already extremely inviting. Then you read on and find out it is a private island and they only take 10 people maximum per week.  An island practically to yourself with two gorgeous beaches, a week of yoga in an outrageous setting, 7 days with a focus on Ayurveda,  Sounded all too good, so I convinced a friend and off we went. I hardly come back to the same place twice, Silver Island is an exception, we’re back in September.


The yoga shala for morning and afternoon lessons
One of the best yoga teachers I have had in my life. I finally got to do the chaturanga properly…but beyond that I really learnt a lot about yoga philosophy.
The incredible view from Panacea, our room for the week
After the delicious and huge lunches everyday there was only one place you could head straight to
The spectacle of seeing the sun rise every morning. You don’t even have to get up that early in September, around 07:00 and by 07:20 it pops up so beautifully. We saw it from a kayak on the water, from the lighthouse, from a rock…you went to bed already excited knowing that you would get up to this.
In case we needed to get evacuated
When you heard this bell it was time to get together for lunch
One of the two beaches on the island, with those waters…
The comunal table for breakfast and dinner, lunch was in the shaded area next to the kitchen. Everyday a different decoration, a different cloth, a small detail holding your napkin, so delicate and caring, with such beautiful taste by our hosts.
Along the island you will find special places inviting you to slow down, enjoy the view and rest: big beds, hidden hammocks, a swing on an old oak tree
The island has its own church and some amazing stories to come with it…but you will need to be there to hear it from Lisa, the owner who can tell it with such charm and humour.
When you book yourself here you don’t have an idea of the fantastic story behind the island. Argyronissos is a private island, owned Lisa’s family, our host, from South Africa, who runs it with her husband Corne from Namibia and her sister Lisa from a distance in Cape Town. Lisa’s grandfather, a successful businessman from Greek origin asked his brother while he was abroad to buy him a piece of land he could return to. And the brother decided to buy an island. No water, no electricity. Seemed liked a crazy idea but they kept it. It was a lavish destination for the jet set in the 70’s, over the years there was a bit of agriculture taking place but not much more, the island was not well taken care of and was costly. Until the younger generation decided to revitalize it and turn it into a yoga retreat. They flew in with 35 friends and cleaned it up, painted it, got rid of the green and blue tiled bathrooms from 40 years before and re-did the whole place with exquisite taste. And so much work, still by now, they run the entire place with only 4 people, making you feel at home from the very first moment till you leave.