Praslin, Seychelles

Everything that has been said about the insane beauty of the Seychelles is all true. I have seen it in pictures for so many years but once you find yourself in one of those beaches you just can’t believe it. It feels sometimes like it is all one big outdoor movie studio with huge rock formations made out of paper mache, placed and painted to perfection, but it is all real.
I was there in November which is always a bit risky but I had only one day of rain and for the rest hardly any tourists and beaches almost entirely to ourselves.
We stayed at the Raffles in Praslin as basis and then went out and on little excursions,  like spending the day in La Digue, which is so different, very authentic, lush and stunning beaches.
It is a long stretch to get there: 2 flights to get to Mahe, one more flight in a small propeller plane and a car ride. You arrive exhausted…but after some breakfast upon arrival and a nap you go down to the beach and you forgot all about how you got there.