Iceland: quirky, friendly, alien looking breathtaking landscapes. And its cold, very cold. Driving for hours, kilometers and kilometres of nothingness, on end. Where you will cross no one. You really feel you are in an incredibly remote, out of this world place.
I have visited both with and without snow and it is so different, worth seeing it both ways. And that gives you the opportunity to discover new and different places outside the well-known ones, like Seljavallalaug, an abandoned swimming pool built in 1923 situated in a narrow valley at the foot of the Eyjafjoll mountains in South Iceland.
The last bit is a 20 minute walk through fields of lava, ash and little streams running out of the valley. There is a small communal changing room and that is it.
The pool fills itself up with hot water coming from the mountains and it is not maintained in any official capacity. You can go at any time of day or night. Get a cold beer on the last bar you will find before the last turn going up and enjoy!
Not only the landscapes are jaw dropping, to my surprise I had some of the best food in my life. Reykjavik is a foodie’s paradise.
And all that in just a 3 hour flight from Amsterdam. Or, if travelling to or from the US, I would seriously consider taking a flight with a stop over in Iceland, I am sure it will be a great addition to your trip.