Folegandros, Greece

Flying into Santorini you find yourself surrounded by cruise ships, buses, people going up and down Oia with taxis…and then you get to the harbour, board a ferry boat and in one hour you set foot on Folegandros. 

Where you will find no souvenir shops, no children, no parasols or lounge beds.

Where you can get down to the harbour in the morning, buy some fresh fish and bring it to a restaurant at lunch time and they will cook it for you.

Where you will have to park your scooter and walk 30 to 40 minutes to get down to the beach, which you will have all to yourself, bringing your own food and drinks because you will not find a beach bar.

And where you will have to head back before it gets dark cause you will find no lights. If that happens because you went for dinner to the only restaurant on top of a beach, the owner will bring you back to shore on his zodiac.  Where the donkeys will keep you company on the roads.

And where the chora starts becoming alive in the early evening when the locals start coming out and where everyone gets together for dinner in a picture perfect little Greek town, which is not pretending to be, it just is.