Bali, Indonesia

 I was in Bali for the first time 2 years ago and I knew I would be back here. Back then I visited Uluwatu and Canggu as well. This time is different.  I chose to come back to Ubud and visit the north of the island. Arriving in Ubud it was coming to a very familiar place. I had no need to go and see and visit places.
I stayed out of the centre of Ubud, at a perfect location at Roam Co-living. I rented a scooter and just went easily everywhere.
Days would start with very healthy breakfast at Alchemy
Followed by a visit to the spa
Or a yoga lesson at Intuitive Flow, a beautiful studio nested in the middle of the rice fields, or making my own batik, which was a very meditative experience, painting and making something with your hands which I wasn’t used to anymore.
Going for lunch to a nice place
Cooking together with a bunch of people and gazing at the sky full of stars.
Having a water blessing ceremony or visiting a spiritual healer. Or going to a 1.5 hour meditation session which went by so quickly compared to when I do it in Europe at the end of a busy day.
I thought one week would be enough in Ubud, since I had already been here
But I could have stayed easily for weeks. People are so extremely welcoming, so friendly. This place has the capacity to slow anyone down, to make you much more appreciative.
This time I went to the north of the island after Ubud. This is where you can still find Bali untouched and pure
I always wondered what it would have been like to visit Bali many years ago and I think this part of the island is probably the closest you can get to that.

Bali does have a spiritual feel to it, if you’re into it or not it doesn’t matter, the way people conduct themselves here is infectious. Looking at our western world, Bali is still a very unique place, that keeps pulling people to keep coming back.  I know that will be the case for me. There is something really special about this island.