Elafonisos, Greece

Elafonisos, not to be confused with Elafonisi in Creete, is a small island between the Peloponesse and Kythira. It lies off the coast of Cape Malea and Vatika. The area of the island is 19 square kilometres (7 square miles) and the population is only between 300 and 350 during the winter. If you are in the Peloponesse area, this is the perfect excursion for a day. I would not necessarily recommend to stay on the island, not that special, but just to go to the beach. Together with Formentera, Elafonisos has the most beautiful beaches I have seen in Europe.

You drive to Pounda and there you get your car on a ferry which in only ten minutes it crosses over to Elafonisos.
That is the view of Elafonisos from the ferry – the water all around you is just incredible
You drive off from the ferry and in a couple of minutes you are on this beach. I was there in early June, there was no one else next to us.