Praslin, Seychelles

Everything that has been said about the insane beauty of the Seychelles is all true. I have seen it in pictures for so many years but once you find yourself in one of those beaches you just can’t believe it. It feels sometimes like it is all one big outdoor movie studio with huge rock […]

Tofino, Canada

Surfing capital of Canada, chic and laid back at the same time and a favorite weekend destination for those living in Vancouver. Tofino is one of the coolest islands I have been outside of Europe. Tofino lies off the coast of Vancouver island, which in itself is already a destination worth going. You can drive to […]

Isles of Scilly, UK

Is this the U.K.??? Really? Believe it or not it is, as Caribbean as it looks. The Isles of Scilly form an archipelago of five inhabited islands: St. Mary’s, Tresco, St. Martin’s, St. Agnes and Bryher, as well as numerous other small rocky islets, around 140 in total, lying 45 off Land’s End, the south western […]