An island fascination

Kisiwa means Island. And islands are very special to me. I believe Ibiza was the first island I visited, 4 hours by boat from Valencia, my home town. I have had a fascination for islands ever since. How the pace slows down, the strong feeling of community and all the quirkiness that comes from being secluded and away from everything. Where the sea is always so close and where you can see the sun rise and set everyday in a way which is not comparable anywhere else. Where doors are open and people are extremely friendly. Where you know that you have to do with what you have at hand, which brings a different perspective on life, quite a liberating feeling for me actually.

But beyond the beauty, the special vacations and destinations, over the years I have started to try to understand where is this craving for island living coming from. I recently came across an article online at on the meaning of the dream symbol of an island. And they mentioned: “Modern psychoanalysis has laid particular stress upon one of the essential features of islands – they evoke sanctuaries. One of the basic themes of literature, dreams and desires is the quest for the desert island, the unknown island, the island with a wealth of surprises, and this perhaps makes space exploration a facet of this quest. Islands may be sanctuaries where will and consciousness come together to escape the assaults of the unconscious, as rocks provide a refuge from ocean waves.” I find this a very interesting departure point to continue exploring.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and maybe it can inspire you to some future island travels.